Kenzo (October 2016)

Mrs. Isabelle Vigneron - Head of Credit Management Kenzo

With their availability, their attention to our needs and their professionalism, Intellimind teams have been successful in providing a tailor-made solution for Kenzo on Customer Risk and Debt Collection Management. Intellimind was able to configure the solution according to our organization even though complex and very specific. 

Adecco Group France (June 2016)

Mrs. Armelle Derieux, Customer Credit and Treasury Director - Adecco Group France

« With more than 70,000 customers invoiced every year (and a turnover of 4.7 billions Euros) and almost the same number of prospects, generating 130,000 commercial credit requests from our network (1,200 branches) each year, we needed a very powerful customer credit decision system, capable of interacting with multiple internal and external sources of information and getting the most important information to master our credit decisions and our risk. Since 2009, Credit Voyager fulfills these needs.

The upgrade to the Cloud version will enable us to include all the French affiliates of Adecco Group in this process for a more global and dynamic credit risk management. It is sure that without Credit Voyager we would not be able to have a so low delinquency rate since several years and we would not be able to manage our network so efficiently. »