Credit Voyager

Credit Voyager®  is a configurable cloud based decisional platform.

From a single website, you can use Credit Voyager® for multiple companies, in multiple countries, in multiple languages. In production in more than 40 countries the platform is connected to more than 40 credit agencies and 4 major credit insurers.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution to manage your customer risk, Credit Voyager® allows you to:

  • Send commercial credit requests (from Credit Voyager UI, CRMs, E-Commerce websites,...)
  • Request credit reports and financial statements (more than 40 sources of data worldwide)
  • Request credit insurance (Coface, Euler Hermes, Atradius, Groupama)
  • Perform customer/prospect analysis
  • Run internal credit scoring
  • Set internal credit limits and credit terms
  • Block / unblock customers
  • Manage electronic documents
  • Monitor credit reports and credit insurance decisions
  • Perform cash collection (reminder letters, emails, phone calls)
  • Manage payment promises and disputes
  • Manage credit insurance declarations
  • Run credit insurance coverage analysis
  • Run DSO analysis

Credit Voyager® is built around 3 main connected modules which are fully configurable and easy to use:

  • Commercial Credit Application
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Debt Collection and Dispute Management

commercial CREDIT application

Commercial Credit Application is the starting point to acquire new customers or to increase existing customers' credit limit. Our module allows the reception of these requests from our in-built user interface, from a CRM, an ERP, or E-Commerce web site. Every year, our customers are processing hundreds of thousands of commercial credit requests on our platform.

Once the credit application is received it can be processed partially or entirely by our decision trees following your own rules, helping the credit department efficiently process the analysis. For complex commercial organizations, internal workflows allow intermediary validations to insure that the application received by the credit department is relevant and can be processed.

Real time dashboards give the sales department visibility on their requests, and alerts to be informed on the decisions. If the request is coming from a CRM, an ERP, or E-Commerce website, the answer is sent immediately.


The customer portfolio management starts from a careful study of the risk according to each company's internal credit policy.

Credit Voyager® is the most powerful customer analysis software on the market and we are collaborating with the major credit agencies and credit insurance companies to insure exhaustive data coverage.

Configurable decision trees enable automated credit risk analysis workflows: sales reps are more efficient and quick to answer the customer needs. The analysis capacity is unlimited enabling transparent management of any increase in credit activity.

Credit Voyager® enables management of all transactions to the major credit insurers (Coface, Atradius, Euler Hermes, Groupama). Our platform is managing more that 4,000 credit insurance policies making Credit Voyager® the most powerful and efficient credit insurance platform on the market.

A full range of standard dashboards and reports enable users to have a real time, efficient vision of your portfolio.

debt collection and dispute

Credit Voyager® improves cash management and reduces DSO, thanks to the full range of configurable functionalities.

Users can collect cash and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently:

  • Create unlimited collection strategies
  • Create actions required (agenda for phone calls, reminder emails, reminder letters) which can be sent automatically or held for user validation.
  • Manage payment promises and disputes and keep history to track customer payment behavior
  • Compute payment behavior scoring for customers based on past experience
  • Follow debt collection process with customizable reports and dashboards