OneGate®  is the N°1 Worldwide Hub accessible in the Cloud to simplify real time access to credit agencies and credit insurers.

With OneGate®  webservices you can forget about the technical difficulties of building and maintaining multiple 3rd parties interfaces and concentrate on your core business to define credit decision workflows.

Thanks to configurable decision trees, OneGate® is also a unique authorization platform enabling you to automate and secure your credit decisions with customizable decision workflows.

With OneGate© you can:

  • Open new customer accounts by delivering credit lines to your prospects via your E-Commerce websites, CRMs, or ERPs
  • Increase the existing credit lines on your customers
  • Request a review on your existing credit lines

From the downloading of the data to the transformation into meaningful information or in decision, OneGate®  provides a simple, complete and flexible webservice interface.

1. Collect Data

  • Credit Agencies (more than 40 interfaces worldwide)
  • Credit Insurers (Coface, Euler Hermes, Atradius, Groupama)
  • ERPs (SAP, JDE, Peoplesoft,...)
  • CRMs (Salesforce, Siebel,...)
  • E-Commerce websites 

2. Normalize Data

  • Normalize the data downloaded
  • Save in a common data model

3. Transform Data Into Information

  • Create algorithms to interpret the data
  • Identify weak signals
  • Create bespoke scoring
  • Monitor customer portfolios

4. Get Recommendations and Make Decisions - Automatically

  • Automate credit decisions with configurable decision trees
  • Synchronize information with IT systems
  • 7600 Insurance Policies
  • 155 Billion Yearly A/R
  • 40 Credit Agencies connected
  • 7 Million Customer Accounts
  • 145 Countries